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RayFocus Laser Massager

RayFocus Laser Massager

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Can be used at any time, relieve muscle pain, help sleep better!
Certified by US FDA.

RayFocus is the world's most compact and lightest Laser Massager for easy carrying. It can hit hard at local sites, impact on the skin surface and deep inside the skin layer, promote blood circulation, relieve pain and fatigue.

The machine can be worn in positions such as knees, ankles, elbows and other positions, the weight of each massage machine weighs only 42g, the thickness of the machine is 26mm so it is very light, just feel muscle pain. Can be used anytime and anywhere such as indoor, outdoor, training ground or company. Should be used promptly for the best pain relief.

Using laser SMD type LD 660/808nm, single light engine power of laser beam up to 470mW, combined with pulse frequency 1199Hz B2 Bahr frequency, with 3 light sources that stimulate deep into the body, Laser beam Exclusively patented for safety, only when touching the skin, the laser beam works, to avoid light entering the eyes, the product has a built-in magnetic rechargeable battery, so there is no need for complicated wires, after Fully charged can use more than 20 times.

RayFocus is a Laser Massager

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