What is collagen??

Collagen is the main component of animal skin and connective tissue, so foods derived from animals will contain collagen such as: pig skin, pig ears, pig legs, beef tendons, chicken skin, chicken feet , fish skin, sea cucumbers, However, because animal foods are quite high in calories, it can lead to an uncomfortable feeling if ingested too much..

In addition, food from animals has not been processed, has a large molecular structure, and has a low absorption rate into the human body. Collagen should be difficult to supplement collagen in the diet. Therefore, on the market there are many types of collagen that have been processed to convert from large molecules to small molecules. If you have a need to supplement Collagen, you should choose small molecule collagen that has undergone enzyme processing.

Extended supplement: There are many people mistakenly believe that black fungus, snow fungus, okra and other foods when eaten with mucus and sticky, they will contain a lot of Collagen. But the reality is not so, plant-based foods inherently do not contain collagen, mucus and sticky properties are called resins, the main ingredient is soluble fiber.n.

What are the benefits of taking collagen??

Function One: Strong Link

Collagen acts as cement, it can help the bricks (calcium) to stick together and increase the strength, which is the key point to satisfy the body's free activities.

Second function:Beauty without defects

From the age of 25 onwards, the collagen in your body will gradually lose, if you can replenish   of the lost collagen, you will not only make an impression on everyone, but also wake up every morning feeling happier when watching. myself in the mirror!

The third function: Flawless stretch

When collagen in your body is deficient or synthesized not enough, there will be problems with light refraction and reflection of vision, you need to be careful because you may not only be deficient in Lutein. , need to combine collagen supplements to get unexpected results.

Fourth function: Enhance elasticity

The old collagen fibers are very easy to break and damage the tubular wall, the addition of collagen can replace the old collagen fibers with new ones, thereby restoring the elasticity of the tubular walls and speeding up the metabolism.

Method of choosing collagen?

Collagen exists only in the body of humans, animals, fish and absolutely does not exist in plants. Fish collagen has a better absorption capacity than animal collagen. There have been rumors that eating foods with adhesives such as pork feet and pork skin to supplement Collagen, but because the molecular weight of Collagen in food is too large, the human body cannot absorb it and cannot absorb it. can provide enough collagen that the body needs.

Collagen extracted from animals or fish needs to be hydrolyzed or broken down by enzymes to form a peptide structure, which can greatly improve the absorption rate of Collagen. If only preliminary extraction without hydrolysis or enzymatic decomposition is carried out, it is impossible to grasp whether the human body can achieve the absorption effect.g.


Who needs to use probiotics??

Gut bacteria play an important role in human health, so from infants to the elderly can use probiotics. The digestive tract inside the human body always has beneficial bacteria, if unhealthy eating habits or unreasonable rest time leads to a decrease in beneficial bacteria in the intestines or difficult bowel movements. All probiotics can be added.

What is the difference between Probiotics and Prebiotics??

Prebiotics are also a type of microorganism and are considered a food source for beneficial bacteria, which help the beneficial bacteria grow and thrive in the intestinal tract. Prebiotics will be added products and ingredients may include: fructooligosaccharides, galacto-oligosaccharides, inulin, xylo-oligosaccharides etc. Its characteristic is that it has a sweet taste but will not be digested and absorbed. by the human body.

Selection method of probiotics?

first. The number of bacteria must be adequate, at least 10 billion beneficial bacteria or more.
2. The origin, name and production method of the strain should be clearly stated.
3. Avoid choosing products with added sweeteners, such as sugar, juice fragrances, etc.