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Cheering Flora

Herbal throat spray (30ml)

Herbal throat spray (30ml)

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🍎Product Features:
👍Natural herbs 👍Prevent sore throat
👍Inhibits Germs❌No Chemicals

Extracted from 8 herbs such as honeysuckle flower, lettuce leaf, perilla leaf, mulberry leaf, chamomile flower, licorice, sandalwood flower and menthol.

🌿User Manual:
1.Please shake well before use
2.After opening the bottle cap, rotate the nozzle slightly
3.Leave the nozzle straight and spray into the mouth

👨Adults spray 0.5cc each time (spray about 5~6 times)
🧒Children from 6 to 12 years old, each spray 0.4cc (spray about 4~5 times)
🧑Children from 3 to 6 years old, each spray 0.3cc (spray about 3~4 times)

*Before use, please press the sprayer several times on the outside until the solution is sprayed out.

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