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What are the benefits of probiotics derived from breast milk?

Are you taking probiotics? If yes, then do you know where probiotics come from?

Currently, probiotic products are considered a very popular health care trend, in addition, using probiotics has also become an effective method in maintaining the health of many people. However, most consumers often do not understand where the probiotics they are using come from. The following are the shares related to the origin as well as the method to choose probiotics:

Where do probiotics come from?

Probiotics have many strains of bacteria and their origins are not the same. Distinguished as originating from animals, plants, processed agricultural products or from humans, etc..

• Originated from animals such as cows, pigs, birds, excreta or intestinal microflora, etc.
• Plant origin: Common are grasses, radishes, etc., processed agricultural products such as chao, bean residue, kimchi, etc.
• Human origin: Bacterial samples isolated from the human body such as breast milk, feces of infants, intestinal microbiota of athletes, etc.

Does breast milk really contain probiotics?

Previously, scientists thought that breast milk was sterile, but now more and more studies confirm that breast milk contains complex bacteria and also contains the mother's gut bacteria. Studies have shown that the mother's intestinal tract will select beneficial bacteria suitable for the baby's health and through the blood circulation system to the mother's mammary gland to become a source of microorganisms in breast milk. Breast milk not only helps infants to fully absorb nutrients during growth, but also helps tolerating the original bacteria to build a healthy gut microbiome. Therefore, probiotics derived from breast milk have become a prominent product in the scientific research of nutritional foods.

What are the benefits of probiotics in breast milk?

There have been many studies discussing the benefits of probiotics found in breast milk for human health and according to current research, breast milk bacteria will have 3 main benefits:

• Improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome: Through the gastrointestinal tract, inhibits pathogenic bacteria for the intestine such as: Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus,... It can maintain a protective barrier. intestinal integrity, resist the invasion of pathogenic bacteria , improve diarrhea, soothe irritable bowel syndrome and reduce the irritation of food allergens on the intestinal mucosa.

• Helps with weight management: In addition, probiotics in breast milk have also been shown to reduce body mass index (BMI) and help with weight management.

• Regulating the immune system: Probiotics in breast milk can help regulate the immune system, help improve allergies, ... In addition, it also inhibits Candida (Candida albicans), an agent major cause of urinary tract infections in women.

How to choose the source of probiotics?

With so many sources of beneficial bacteria, when choosing probiotics, consumers also partly know which bacteria strains are isolated from and what ingredients. But facing so many sources of bacteria, which one should consumers choose?

People often say that breast milk is the most precious gift for babies and children, so it is perfectly suitable to supplement our bodies. It is recommended to choose the original strains selected from breast milk, then cultured through cow's milk, if possible, supplementing this source of beneficial bacteria will help the body build up the protozoa in the intestine, helping to for the intestinal tract to form a perfect protective shield.

Currently, when choosing to use probiotics, in addition to the need to determine the source of the strain, special attention should also be paid to the strain that has been patented with the exclusive code, because the selection of the type that has been granted the code is also important. like being able to pinpoint the source of the probiotics. On the other hand, it will ensure the effectiveness as well as the quality of the strains, making the supplement of beneficial bacteria safer and more effective.

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