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Frequently asked questions about using probiotics

Most people are still a bit confused about choosing and using probiotics, so let us answer them one by one!

Q1: How many sachets can I drink a dayDoes it get better?g?
A1: Probiotics should only be taken 1 pack per day. According to the function of each different feature, supplementing with sufficient dosage is best, if taking a lot there is no harm but also no benefit.

Q2: How long does it take to take effect??
A2: Drinking continuously for 1 month will feel the improvement, but it is recommended to drink continuously for 3 months without interruption to achieve a more stable state.

Q3: Is it possible to combine multiple uses??
A3: It is entirely possible that probiotics with different functions such as gastrointestinal care, physical nursing, urinary support or sleep care can all be taken at the same time because there is no conflict.
(Please take according to the dose indicated on the packaging stamp of each product).

Q4: Can I take it with Collagen??
A4: May be! The features of the two products do not conflict with each other, so they can be taken at the same time or separately.

Q5: Acne prone skin due to often staying up late, how to regulate??
A5: Possible causes of acne are lack of sleep or stressful life.

“Sleep is a time to rest and restore energy, helping to lower Cortisol levels. Lack of sleep means the body is constantly exposed to high levels of Cortisol and it can cause acneụn”

Similar to what happens during stress, the hormone cortisol is released that binds to the sebaceous glands, thereby making them overactive and causing acne.

To improve this situation you can choose a probiotic product Sleep Care, which can help you sleep well and stabilize your mood, correcting the source of stress or lack of sleep that causes acne.

Q6: What to do when the skin often has acne due to bad digestion??
A6: Possible causes of acne are indigestion or constipation and it is closely related to diet. First of all, from the point of view of Eastern medicine physicians, greasy fried foods, spicy, sweet foods, and ice are easy to cause the digestive tract and even the whole body to become inflamed, dysfunctional, and irritable. , acne prone. In addition, people who are often constipated often accumulate a large amount of stool, so they are expelled, the toxins in the stool will return through the process of reabsorption of water by the large intestine into the bloodstream (is it too terrible? no), and it's also what causes inflammation and breakouts.

To improve this condition, you can choose a probiotic product that aids in digestion, which contains patented stomach-protective probiotic spores, which help maintain the function of the digestive tract, but need to combined with avoiding the acne-prone diet mentioned above, increasing fiber in 3 meals and drinking enough water (at least 2,000cc per day)
**Extra: If you really don't like eating vegetables, you can try vegetable yeast, which is rich in fiber and plant enzymes. As the old saying goes, drink more water!

Q7: What to do when the skin often has acne due to allergies??
A7: Possible causes of acne are allergies and pimples.
First of all, it is necessary to regularly wash bedding, pillows, clothes used daily, etc., to ensure that the skin does not come into contact with dirt, bacteria and oil stains that cause blockage and infection. People with sensitive terrain can apply this method..

To improve this condition, you can choose the Allergy Relief probiotic, which contains patented sensitization-soothing probiotic spores to help regulate the body, balance the immune system. fluid and help improve inflammation.

Q8: What to do when the skin often has acne due to irregular rest??
A8: The possible causes of acne are sometimes caused by an irregular diet or rest.

Life is too short to have fun, if you always have to follow the rules of living and eating in moderation, will it make you feel very boring So sometimes it's okay to let loose , but hopefully making up after that won't be too difficult..

To improve this condition, you can choose a probiotic product For bright skin, containing beneficial bacteria spores that have been proven to help stabilize the digestive tract and skin, combined with extracts of 7 types berries, blood oranges and rose petal extracts to provide a daily dose of Polyphenols, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory and also good nutrients for daily maintenance.

Q9: What kind of probiotics should people with irritable bowel syndrome take??
A9: People with irritable bowel syndrome can try probiotics to help with digestion, but most irritable bowel disease causes are emotions or stress that will directly affect the functioning of the gut. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust and balance emotions in combination with probiotic supplements.

Q10: Is it effective for people with lactose intolerance to take probiotics??
A10: People with lactose intolerance taking probiotics will not benefit. Lactose intolerance is mainly caused by congenital deficiency of the enzyme lactase in the intestines, which prevents the breakdown of lactose in food. As a result, increased osmotic pressure in the intestines causes a large amount of water to enter the intestines and cause diarrhea, so it is advisable to avoid foods containing lactose (all products containing cow's milk) or take medicines that contain lactose. lactase.

Q11: Can children take probiotics from Vietnam??
A11: Okay! Children over 1 year old can take 1 pack per day, it is recommended that children from 6 months to 1 year take 1/2 pack per day.

Q12: Can children take probiotics??
A12: Children as young as 6 months old can already take probiotics, as that's around the time they start to eat solids. Probiotics suitable for children include 3 types: allergy relief probiotics, digestive support probiotics, and cranberry probiotics.
Children over 1 year of age can take 1 sachet/day of allergy-reducing probiotics or digestive-promoting probiotics. Because the powder is very fine, it can be taken directly without choking or can be dissolved in water, drinks or food.

Q13: Should I use probiotics to soothe allergies??
A13: Probiotics Allergy Relief has the effect of taking care of the immune system, helping to correct physical sensitivities, infectious dermatitis and nasal allergies.
* Children 6 months to under 1 year should reduce the dose by half.
* Children from 1 year old can take 1 sachet per day.
It is recommended that continuous use of probiotics is maintained for at least 2-3 months, the care effect will be better.

Q14: Can it be taken with laxatives??
A14: It is recommended to separate use, because laxatives will affect the absorption of nutrients.

If you have been taking laxatives, it is recommended that you take other nutritious foods (such as probiotics, collagen, etc.) 30~60 minutes after 30~60 minutes..


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