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Frequently asked questions and answers when using NRICM101

Regarding the subjects and the method of dosage preparation when using NRICM101, the Editorial Team has compiled the 10 most frequently asked questions and answers.
Q1: What kind of herbs does NRICM101 have and what are their uses??
A1: In the NRICM101 product, there are 10 types of medicinal herbs, distinguished as follows: Lettuce, five-rooted version, trumpeter, mulberry leaf, mint, marjoram, leprosy prevention, long-term treatment, post-partum and injection. licorice.
The use of medicinal herbs is based on the respective treatment conditions that combine together into a combination, which is divided into 4 groups as follows:
1. Anti-virus: Lettuce, five-base version, royal bird.
2. Strengthen respiratory protection, reduce the penetration of viruses: Mulberry leaves, mint, marjoram, leprosy.
3. Eliminate pathological agents such as (fluid inflammation, phlegm): Over time, post-production.
4. Regulating other medicinal herbs, maintaining physical condition: Licorice injection.

Q2: When you are taking NRICM101 and taking Western medicine, are you taking too much medicine and getting an overdose??
A2: The mechanism of action of Eastern medicine and Western medicine is different, so to avoid the effect of stomach acid causing chemical reaction of Eastern and Western medicine, please note NRICM101 and Western medicine. You need to take it 90 minutes apart (you can take Western medicine before or after 90 minutes when taking NRICM101)

Thus, it is still possible to drink both Eastern and Western medicine without overdose and lead to danger.

If the doctor can adjust the dose of Western medicine according to his condition, it will be more perfect.

Q3: After using NRICM101, there is diarrhea, what should I do??
1.If you are eating fruit and drinking cold drinks (i.e. iced milk, iced coffee, iced tea, etc.) or cold and cold foods, you need to stop immediately..
2. Use warm water or ginger broth dissolved with NRICM101 and drink it after eating.
3. After drinking NRICM101, we can take a bath or soak in hot water to sweat out the body.
If you have tried all of the above but still have diarrhea, please consult your doctor.

The human body, after being infected with the Covid-19 virus, needs to strengthen its protection to prevent the virus from entering and destroy the viruses that have entered the body, eliminating inflammatory agents. In addition, it is necessary to pay more attention to physical maintenance, when body functions are well taken care of, it is conducive to healing.
Q4: Can I take NRICM101 before or during vaccination and how??
A4: CAN DRINK. How to use NRICM101 as follows:
Before vaccination, take 1 sachet in the evening before going to bed
That morning, go to inject 1 pack (before injection).
The next morning, if you have symptoms, you can take 1 more pack,
If you don't have any symptoms, you don't need to drink more
Q5: Can the mother use NRICM101 while pregnant or breastfeeding??
A5: All usable. There are no records of contraindications of the drug in pregnancy (for mother and fetus) or lactation (for mother and child) in the medical literature, so it is relatively safe. Therefore, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can use it. (Doctor's prescription is required)
Q6: Can infants and children use NRICM101 How old are infants and children who have used NRICM101i?
A6: Infants and young children also need medical attention, the medicinal herbs in NRICM101 are quite safe, there are no records of contraindications for infants and young children in the literature.
Therefore, infants and young children can still take NRICM101, but the dosage needs to be adjusted according to body weight!
Based on our treatment experience, the youngest patient is an 8-month-old child in the US, after taking NRICM101, he was cured.

Q7: Can people with the following medical conditions use NRICM101 and "Epidemic prevention tea of the National Institutes of Medicine"??
(High blood pressure/Irregular heartbeat/Diabetes/Elderly with asthma)
A7: The answer is: YES. It is necessary to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor of Oriental Medicine, and prescribe medication after being assessed for suitability.

Q8: Can I use NRICM101 if I have a problem with liver function???
A8: The drugs in the NRICM101 product are currently not found to have adverse effects on liver function in the medical literature. Among them (haler, mulberry leaves, mint) can help restore liver function.
Therefore, patients with liver function problems can still use NRICM101.
Currently, the most commonly used western medicine to support liver detoxification is Silymarin. If you are taking drugs such as: (Silymarin, lipid-lowering drugs, hepatitis B and C drugs) that are concurrently used with NRICM101, please note that the 2 drugs should be separated and taken at least 1 hour apart. .n.

The doctor mentioned: There are many causes of "abnormal liver function" so you need to find out the cause first and then treat it instead of blindly taking medicine. The most important thing is to have a light diet, get enough rest for the liver to recover its function naturally.
Q9: Can people on dialysis use NRICM101??
A9: In general, patients undergoing regular dialysis are generally stable, and specialists can prescribe NRICM101 for treatment. The accompanying effects of the product NRICM101 can be "Improve lung function" and "Improve liver and kidney function".

Q10: How is NRICM101 effective against the Omicron strain? Anti-virus Mechanismo?
A10:NRICM101 is still effective against the Omicron strain with the following mechanism:
1.Can prevent Omicron virus from incorporating into ACE2 cells.
2. Inhibits viral replication (inhibits 3CL protease activity)
3. Inhibits the secretion of TNF-α and IL-6 from alveolar epithelial cells, reducing the risk of cell hormones.


National Traditional Medicine Research Institute Taiwan Ministry of Health Welfare(2022/MAR)

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