Men vi sinh và Men tiêu hóa: CHỌN KHÓ, HẾT KHÓ TIÊU !

Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes: CHOOSE DIFFICULT, GET DIFFERENTIAL!

1.Why should we distinguish between Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes?

+ Improper use or abuse will cause serious consequences: stomach ulcers, loss of organ function, body dependence on supplements/medicines, etc.

+ Reduce the possibility of arbitrarily buying and using yeast products without knowing the exact conditions and specific effects of each type.

+ Improper combination causes many negative reactions/side effects, difficult to recover for later.

+ Recognizing so that the treatment process is faster, health improves better.

+ Additional knowledge to enhance and protect the health of children/elderly and other family members.

2. Hints to help you choose the right product for your situation

This is just a simple suggestion and Vinh Hoa has no obligation to diagnose the disease nor is it responsible for protecting the health of its readers. Health is within your reach. Always consult a doctor or general examination first to get the best treatment for yourself.

3. The simplest way is based on the degree of digestive disease:

+ Mild: Occasionally a little indigestion / bloating, difficult bowel movements / diarrhea, inflammation, seasonal allergies, or have bad eating habits and want to improve health day by day, the use of Probiotics (probiotics), this would be a safe and effective long-term option.

+ Severe: Long-term digestive disorders and frequent stomach/abdominal pain should be treated short-term with digestive enzymes.

Please refer to the comparison table below for more information.
3. Detailed comparison table





They are synthetic preparations of beneficial bacteria (Probiotics) for the intestinal tract, helping to balance the digestive system.

The ideal ratio of good bacteria is 85% – and bad bacteria is 15% (not necessarily exact, as long as the difference is not too big).

Probiotics are often referred to as Probiotics and are biological in nature.

Probiotics come in many varieties and equivalent strains with different functions.

Some common species: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus…

On the market, probiotics will usually be prepared in the form of functional foods (tablets, water and powder).

These are chemical compounds that are prepared and have the effect of breaking down food into different nutrients, creating favorable conditions for the body to absorb.

Digestive enzymes are often referred to as enzymes and are chemical in nature.

Some common enzymes: amylase in the salivary glands and pancreas; hydrochloric acid, lipase… in the stomach.

According to wikipedia - "Digestive enzymes are a group of enzymes that break down polymer macromolecules into their smaller building blocks, to facilitate absorption by the body".

Usually taken with meals to people whose pancreas cannot produce the required amount of enzyme (due to genetic reasons, post-surgery or cystic fibrosis).

On the market, digestive enzymes are usually prepared in the form of tablets, nuggets or dry powder.


+ Supplement beneficial bacteria, help improve intestinal health and balance the biological ecosystem in the body (microbiome).

+ Improve digestive function, reduce bloating, constipation... Strengthen the immune system.

+ Supports the process of wound healing and acne, reducing inflammation in acne.

Limit inflammation, balance the pH of the skin and intimate area.

+ Improve mental health.

+ Helps the body synthesize vitamins as well as better metabolism. The process of digesting food and absorbing nutrients takes place more smoothly.

+ Digestive enzymes (enzymes) act as catalysts, supporting the breakdown of fats/lipids, carbohydrates, proteins... Then converted into different nutrients, osmosis and nourishing the muscles mandarin.

+ Each enzyme has different uses, so to solve digestive system problems, these products mostly only contain enzymes of the stomach, saliva and pancreas to supplement support.

+ Other uses: Improve digestive function quickly, reduce bloating, constipation ...

User object

+ People with intestinal health problems, digestive disorders. Adults/baby/infant with intestinal flora imbalance, antibiotic treatment, raw stool, indigestion, bloating, diarrhea...

+ In the process of being treated for acne, dermatitis, allergies... Women / men, children or the elderly have problems with the urinary tract (or nocturia, pH imbalance / vaginal infection, etc.) ).

Have problems with joints, thyroid, allergies. Unhealthy eating habits (foods high in sugar and GMOs).

People with a history of antibiotic use, exposure to toxic chemicals, recent chemotherapy/surgery/hormone changes, etc.

+ The intensity of busy work, or stress / tension, frequent insomnia. Working in an office environment, air-conditioned, sedentary and often exposed to computer / phone screens.

+ People with signs of intestinal enzyme deficiency due to unhealthy eating habits (consumption of stimulants/alcohol regularly), or food poisoning.

People with poor digestion or lactose intolerance.

+ Or have abdominal pain, constipation, passing raw stools or diarrhea.

+ Children have anorexia or indigestion/full stomach.

+ Eat very little but feel full quickly.

People with a history of pancreatic insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, etc.

Used Time

+ Can be divided into several batches, depending on the severity or lightness of the user (at least 5-7 days to ensure effectiveness).

+ It is best to use according to the doctor's prescription, each supplement can last 1 to 3 months (depending on the condition, age).

+ Use up to 2 weeks / no more than 15 days.

Prolonged use can negatively affect the organs and parts that produce yeast, causing deterioration and even loss of function.


Side effects:

+ Not all probiotics have the same effect, so based on the type and strain of each beneficial bacteria (Probiotics) can best support different medical conditions.

Boosting beneficial bacteria from probiotic foods may have mild reactions such as diarrhea, bloating, or an upset stomach.

+ This is completely normal because your intestinal system adapts to return to its natural state.

+ It is necessary to supplement with a sufficient amount of beneficial bacteria to promote the full effect of yeast.


+ Do not mix with boiling water/hot food.

After mixing, drink immediately, the bacteria will die if left for too long.

+ Use probiotics after antibiotics for 2 hours or more (because antibiotics have the ability to kill bacteria).

Side effects:
+ Beneficial intestinal bacteria are accidentally killed, harmful bacteria / bacteria spread causing abdominal pain..

+ Irritation, stomach ulcers when used on an empty stomach: digestive enzymes are activated when there is no food, which will increase the concentration of stomach acid. 

+ People with peptic ulcer and acute pancreatitis, bowel surgery or with increased gastric acid secretion should not use.

+ The wall of the digestive tract is more likely to have a more severe ulcer because the endogenous digestive enzymes in these cases will be very active and lead to excess.


+ Use immediately after eating (30 minutes with cooled boiled water) or during meals. Do not use on an empty stomach.

+ Should only supplement after being diagnosed with digestive enzyme deficiency according to the doctor's prescription.

+ Can combine probiotics (as prescribed by the doctor) to better support the treatment of digestive diseases.

4. Should both types be combined?

In some cases, doctors can still assign patients to use both probiotics and key enzymes to supplement each other, but will also be very careful and users should also pay attention at the time of taking yeast. to get the most out of both.

Another note: Even if you relapse and have the same symptoms, don't take your previous prescription again.

5. Ruijia Probiotics: 5 Outstanding Benefits for 5 Different Problems
(for both adults/elderly and children/infant)

Probiotics are very weak when separated from the ideal environment.

Most of them will die very quickly in bright light/high temperature or dry environment.

That's why most probiotic supplements won't get the results you want.

Ruijia Probiotics (Probiotics) is a probiotic supplement with freeze-drying technology (internationally licensed formula) that will solve the problem of premature death of beneficial bacteria when placed in an acidic environment. like stomach.

To choose the right probiotics that are most effective, here are a few suggestions:

+ Probiotic strains must be recommended by WHO.
+ The ratio of beneficial bacteria (Probiotics) in probiotics is large enough (minimum 10 7 -10 10 CFU/g).
+ The survival rate of beneficial bacteria when introduced into the body must be high.

+ Probiotics must be resistant to antibiotics and have a high ability to adhere to the intestinal wall, live and multiply well in the small intestine and large intestine.

Below are the characteristics of Ruijia brand's Probiotics products:

🟠 Probiotics Ruijia:
✔️ 20 billion live probiotics/each pack.
✔️ Obtained SNQ and ISO national quality certification.
✔️ NO artificial additives, flavors and flavors.
✔️ 5 Basic Uses: Soothe Allergies + Balance Digestion
🖤 ​​Special: Freeze-drying technology = The most effective protection of live beneficial bacteria
▪️ Prebiotics = Biotics + Prebiotics Create a good microbiological environment for the body
▪️ Probiotics have double adsorption
▪️ No heavy metals, no preservatives, no pesticides, Escherichia coli bacteria ️
▪️ The origin of raw materials is clear, originating from countries such as Japan, Korea, France, Taiwan ...
The product is available on e-commerce platforms
🛒 Shopee:

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