Làm thế nào để chọn thực phẩm chức năng? 5 nguyên tắc sau sẽ giúp bạn kiểm định !

How to choose functional foods? The following 5 principles will help you test!

Nearly 85% of people regardless of age and gender have used functional foods and most of them often do not pay attention to brands, origin, certification and most of them listen to others. said that this brand is very good because there are many people who have bought or bought functional foods just to make themselves feel secure, but did not achieve any effect, even bringing many long-term illnesses for themselves. So what are the ingredients inside and do you know how to choose safely??
We'll help you figure out what to keep in mind when buying supplements:

1. Safety is a top priority
When choosing to buy functional foods, the safety of the product should be a top priority and must carefully consider your own needs, avoiding the case that it cannot be supplemented for the body but also harms health. , then it's better not to use it.
Should find out the origin or brand reputation of the product, for functional foods you must research carefully before drinking.

2. Choose the right ingredients for your condition and needs

First, we need to determine our own condition to know which parts of the body are in need of care and improvement, including food preferences, living habits, medical history, composition allergies, what medications you are currently taking, etc. to determine your health care needs. For example, obese people who like fried food should choose foods such as white kidney beans that inhibit fat absorption, or overweight people who often eat starch should choose foods with ingredients Garcinia cambogia to inhibit sugar absorption. As for people who are thin and weak, they can use functional foods with ginseng ingredients, but if you are a person with a dry-hot body, you should use American ginseng to help reduce heat. for body.
It should be combined with the individual's physical condition. For example, pregnant women, infants and patients should not arbitrarily use functional foods. It is best to consult a specialist to choose products based on your own condition, in addition to be able to better understand how to use as well as contraindications to use, so you will be more assured. in the use of the product.

3. Learn carefully about the ingredients listed on the product's label and packaging

When choosing to buy functional foods, it is important to pay attention to the origin of the product, brand, ingredients, production date, expiry date, name of the manufacturer or distribution store, Address and phone number, dosage, appropriate audience, contraindications or cautions, even relevant proven data analysis, these are all good ways for people to Consumers can check for themselves.
In addition, you also need to pay special attention to the composition, which types of ingredients are ranked first. According to the law on food hygiene and safety management, the ingredient with the most additives must be ranked first. Therefore, you should note that the ingredients listed at the top are beneficial ingredients or additives that affect the health of the human body.

When choosing to buy functional foods, you should pay attention to the labels on the packaging, including:
The amount of nutritional ingredients and the content of active ingredients are indicated on the label
Who is suitable for use and instructions on how to use it
Compound ingredients and artificial additives
Trademark certification and store name
Production date and expiry date
Name of manufacturer or distributor, address and contact phone number Precautions for use: including duration of use, dosage, inappropriate use, and antiretroviral drugs specify combinations etc…
Before buying, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the outer packaging, instant drink products can be checked if the sealing part is not open, tight, no residue. Does the powdered product have any clumps or adhesions, avoiding the purchase of denatured products that affect your health.

4. Buy at genuine distribution stores

Genuine distribution stores: drugstores, large supermarkets, functional food stores, direct sales, etc.
Online shopping: When shopping online, consumers should carefully research product details, especially origin ingredients, manufacturers, pesticide documentation or heavy metal testing.
Whether buying at a store or online, it is necessary to have a reasonable product return mechanism, which can ensure the interests of consumers, avoiding the case of buying cheap products of unknown origin, affecting health. but also lost money.

5. Price and dosage of the product
The selling price and the dosage used are completely proportional to each other, this depends on the manufacturer's strategy of using ingredients and mainly depends on the price range that you can accept. Dosage is also a very important indicator, most consumers buy a product without reading the label, the dosage and even less knowing the active ingredients contained in the product are simply not enough. As such, you are using a series of excipients that are not beneficial for your body, so carefully review the recommended dosage and what this product provides for your body.bạn.

As long as you follow the above principles to think and judge, you will reduce the choice of foods that are not suitable for your health. Now you can check if the supplements you are taking are in line with the above guidelines. Also check which ones are not!!

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