Giải đáp một số thắc mắc thường gặp khi sử dụng Collagen Ruijia

Answers to some frequently asked questions when using Collagen Ruijia

Currently, Collagen is not only a product that most women care about and choose in beauty care, but it is also the "key" to preserve the youthful beauty of the skin.

Therefore, there are also many related questions asked, so let's help Vinh Hoa answer some common questions when using Collagen!

Q1: How many sachets can you drink a day Is it better to drink more?g?

A1: Collagen should only be taken 1~2 packets per day, it is recommended to drink on an empty stomach, the absorption effect will be better.
Basic supplements can be taken 1 pack per day, advanced supplements can be taken 2 packs per day, just take the right dose because drinking too much will not bring you any benefit!

Q2: How long does it take to take effect??

A2: Each person will feel the effect differently, as it is related to the individual's physicality. Some people will feel a slight effect after 7 days, but others need a longer time to feel the change.

And because the average metabolic cycle of the skin is about 28 days, you need to supplement with Collagen for at least 1 month, to feel the improvement more clearly!

Q3: Is it possible to combine multiple uses at the same time??

A3: Can be combined! You can choose and combine drinks for the needs that you need to improve.

Not the same line can still be combined.
For example: In the morning you drink 1 pink packet, before sleeping you can drink 1 blue packet.

Q4: Can it be taken with probiotics??

A4: May be! The features of the two products do not conflict with each other, so they can be taken at the same time or separately.

Q5: Face skin with large pores should use what kind of use??

A5: If only because previously enlarged pores were due to frequent acne but your body/skin condition is stable now, you can choose to use Rose Extract Collagen to overcome skin lesions.

But if it's because the facial skin produces too much oil during this period or is in the inflammatory phase, large pores combined with acne and oil, you should find the cause of this condition such as (pressure, endocrine disorders, puberty or diet, rest, etc.))

Therefore, if the skin condition is inherently unstable (or oily, acne-prone, then of course the pores will be larger, because the skin is in an inflammatory state). At this time, you should visit a dermatologist to clarify whether the cause is due to living, hygiene, eating or endocrine. If it's endocrine, you should see a specialist to treat the root cause.

Q6: Ruijia has 4 lines of Collagen and which one is right for me?

A6: To maintain basic physical recovery and muscle growth, you should use pure blue.
If you want to focus on overall and moisturizing, use Ceramide green.
If you are interested in fresh beauty and skin care, you should use the pink Polyphenol Rose.
Need flexibility when exercising, regulating menstruation and intensive skin care, should use yellow Peptide royal jelly.

Q7: In addition to the beauty benefits, collagen also has other uses for the human body?

A7: The human body itself already contains collagen, which, if properly supplemented, can increase oiliness and help regulate body functions.

Q8: Is there a vegan or plant-based collagen??

A8: Plants do not contain collagen.​

The jelly substance (can only be considered a plastic substance) is extracted from soybeans or from plants and fungi (white cat fungus), which looks like Collagen but it is not actually Collagen.

Q9: What foods should be avoided when using collagen??

A9: Foods that can affect absorption such as fiber, weight loss pills, etc. are best taken 30 minutes to 1 hour apart.

Q10: How should pregnant women choose Collagen??

A10: When in the time of preparing for pregnancy: You can choose yellow, because this is a collagen line that is rich in vitamins and minerals to help regulate the body, very suitable for the upcoming pregnancy.

Early pregnancy: You can choose green color for maintenance, add 2 kinds of animal and vegetable protein at once, high purity and more nutrition.

Mid-pregnancy period (4~6 months): You can choose green because in addition to helping to retain water, the casein inside can also enhance calcium absorption.

Late pregnancy (after 7 months): You can choose pink and take extra Vitamin C to help absorb iron and reduce the risk of anemia.
After pregnancy / during lactation: You can choose pink and yellow, pink can help heal wounds after surgery, yellow has a physiological effect.

Q11: Can it be taken with laxatives??

A11: It is recommended to separate use, because laxatives will affect the absorption of nutrients.
If you have been taking laxatives, it is recommended that you take other nutritious foods (such as probiotics, collagen, etc.) 30~60 minutes after 30~60 minutes..

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