Đông Dược Cổ Truyền Bắt Kịp Thời Đại

Traditional Oriental Medicine Catches Up With The Times

Since ancient times, traditional medicine has been an important life-saving medicine for the Chinese people's social class and also a cultural treasure, now it has been recognized by Western society.

With the global spread of the epidemic, the release of anti-epidemic drugs cannot be delayed. Taiwan Qingguan No.1 has urgently authorized 8 factories to produce traditional medicines and sell them globally to fight the corona virus strain, and the key thing behind that is the diligence and efforts of the unit. academic.

The research and development of traditional Chinese medicine to keep pace with the times, combined with the analysis of scientific and clinical data, the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine has become more and more objective and effective. reliable.

In addition, Taiwan will be able to supply Qingguan No.2 to critically ill patients in the future, which is expected to reduce the mortality rate for critically ill patients. Although the effectiveness of Qingguan No.2 still needs to be continuously researched and tested, after successful future research and development, it can provide patients with an alternative to drugs. Western medicine.

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