Công ty Sinh Học Y Tế Vĩnh Hòa cùng thương hiệu Ruijia ký kết hợp đồng đại lý độc quyền tại Việt Nam.

Vinh Hoa Biomedical Company and Ruijia brand signed an exclusive agency contract in Vietnam.

May 20th in Taiwanese reading is 520 and pronounced like “WO AI NI” (I love you) symbolizing auspicious days.

In addition, May 20 is also the day that Vinh Hoa Biomedical Company signed a contract with Ruijia brand and became the exclusive agent in Vietnam.

Through this cooperation, we hope to bring the high quality products of Ruijia brand to Vietnam, in addition to penetrating deeply into the domestic market and our main purpose is to be able to promote improving the health of consumers.

Rujia is a Taiwanese brand, the main product line is Collagen and Probiotics with a special formula without artificial spices and easy to absorb, which is popular with customers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Malaysia. trust use.

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