10 phương pháp cải thiện tình trạng mất ngủ, giúp bạn không còn bị thâm quầng mắt

10 methods to improve insomnia, help you no longer have dark circles under your eyes

A good quality sleep not only improves the immune system but also keeps us young and energetic. But today, due to too many factors that affect our sleep such as work and life pressure, mood swings, surrounding relationships and many other dilemmas that drag on. long. From there, causing insomnia, sleeping too late, not sleeping deeply, not sleeping well, and when insomnia continues for a long time, the consequences not only affect the spirit, health but also make skin condition worse.

Here are 10 methods to help you get rid of insomnia symptoms effectively!

1.Frequently sunbathe in the early morning
Morning sun exposure can increase serotonin levels in the body, making our brains alert in the morning and easier to fall asleep at night.

2.Eat foods containing carbohydrates and tryptophan
Supplement foods containing carbohydrates and tryptophan such as: bananas, milk, yogurt, cashews ... Avoid spicy, spicy or fatty foods, affecting the biological function. physical.

3. Take a nap for no more than 1 hour
An afternoon nap can help our brain relax after a stressful morning, but a long nap will interfere with your evening sleep.

4.Go to bed on time
Regulate sleep time for yourself to avoid disturbing the body's biological clock. There is a study that has shown that if we take a hot bath about 1.5 hours before bedtime, on average, you can fall asleep about 10 minutes earlier, helping the body to effectively eliminate heat and achieve the effect. best cooling.

5. Should relax the body 1 hour before sleeping
Spend an hour before bed to relax your mind, during that time put your phone down, away from the screen, or listen to soothing music, do some basic self-massage, etc. will help you. can fall asleep faster.

6.Do gentle exercises before bed
A few exercises to relax your muscles and joints can help you fall asleep more easily. Avoid excessive exercise or a few minutes before bedtime.

7. Shower or soak your feet before sleeping
Just enough increase in body temperature can cause drowsiness, the best temperature is between 37-40 degrees. If the body temperature rises too high, on the contrary, it will make your mind more alert.

8.Do not drink too much water before sleeping
Because drinking too much water before going to bed can increase the frequency of urination at night, disrupting sleep.

9. Keep a good mood
Before going to sleep, let go of the negative thoughts and only remember the happy things of the day. Let those regrets, anger and sorrows turn into happy things, keep a happy and comfortable mood so that it is easier for you to fall asleep.

10.Adjust the appropriate lighting
Turn the lights down or turn off the lights when you sleep. At this time, the body will begin to promote the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which naturally creates a feeling of sleepiness.

Sleep not only helps with beauty, but it also has the effect of losing weight!

According to foreign researchers, people who sleep less than 7 hours for a long time have an increased risk of obesity. In addition, for young people who sleep too little, obesity will increase after middle age.
Quickly try these 10 methods to avoid insomnia, so you can improve your sleep and get better!

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